Been a long time

March 9, 2007

At long last, the 1.0 version has been released! In true “web 2.0” fashion, there isn’t much difference between the release and the betas. In fact, only a day after releasing 1.0 I found a few bugs. Its amazing how the bugs always show up after the testing cycle. For the most part, the major emphasis for this non-beta release was stability and cleanup. Major memory leaks were cleaned up, and many edge case crashes were fixed.

Anyway, this brings the first stage of Fact200’s development to a close. There will, of course continue to be updates, but I will excercise the utmost restraint before adding new features; even small ones. My original concept was to have a 1.0 and a 2.0 release, each centered around a central feature. 1.0’s central feature is its library building, searching, and retrieval functionality. 2.0’s will, in true 2.0 fashion, emphasize more of a social angle.

2.0 should be much simpler than 1.0 which had the burden of being the initial release with many, many, MANY extra features added along the way to help fill in the cracks. Hopefully its in fair shape and 2.0 won’t be a major effort. Actually, instead of calling it 2.0, I’ll probably go with a 1.5 moniker.

Things have gotten busy in other areas of work as well. Enough that time for Fact200 features is getting pushed to the bottom of the queue for now. Bugs still have high priority so if you find any bugs, please post them on the forums site! Actually, I’m still really flexible, so post your feature ideas too! Depending on the difficulty and the utility of the feature, I may just try and squeeze it in.


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