November 29, 2006

The continuous struggle for building something actually useful.
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November 13, 2006

Been a while since the last post. Fact200 continues forward in development. The last release (1.0b15) mostly saw some bug fixes and convergences towards standards support and integration. Integration mainly comes in the form of using RSS for import/export as well as supporting fact200 specific extensions to preserve sources and to allow anyone to show info in the sponsors area. In addition to extended RSS support, OPML support has been added to allow for the easy import/export of RSS/RDF/Atom sources to and from other newsreaders.

Additional startup script support has been added in the form of //seed and //seedall commands which allow a library to be seeded with urls from a source.  The difference between the two is that //seed obeys the maximum number of result restrictions to help ease the load (in the even all the urls are from the same domain) whereas //seedall attempts to do everything at once. There is a subtle difference in that //seedall will only be performed when the library is created whereas //seed re-checks the source every time. All seeded results are added with the permanent attribute to ensure their addition to the Library.

In other news, I found a replacement for my crappy Compaq x1030 laptop which constantly failed with video card problems.  I went the opposite extreme of the x1000 and bought one of the new C2D MacBook Pros. I spent the last week getting familiar with OS X and configuring the system to run both Bootcamp and Parallels. Even without spending the $$$ for a full retail version of XP Home and Parallels, this sucker cost more than any other system I’ve ever bought. But, at least so far, it seems to have been worth it.

As long as it doesn’t crap out on me in a couple years, the Max OS X/Parallels/Bootcamp combo has exceeded my expectations and with the addition of an Apple Wireless keyboard and Logitech Bluetooth mouse, works as an unexpectedly good desktop replacement for my aging Dell 5100 system which is around 4 years old. I had originally thought of getting a Quad core setup to replace the desktop system, but I’ll probably put that off indefinitely or at least until 8 core systems start coming out.

The only negative I’ve been able to find with the laptop so far is the Battery life. The old Compaq started out at around 5+ hours with the screen dimmed down. With the MBP the longest I’ve been able to get is around 4+ hours doing mostly word processing with the screen dimmed and bluetooth and Wifi turned off. I get closer to 3 hours with the screen dimmed, Wifi on and doing development in Parallels which puts a heavier average load on the CPU. For the MacBook nerds out there: Yes, I did calibrate the battery.

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