Wow, actual applications?

October 8, 2006

As the author, I guess it shouldn’t amount to a huge surprise that I actually found a real life, honest to goodness use for Fact200. One that would have been extremely difficult if not nearly impossible to do without.

Arriving as a dutiful employee, I arrived at work to check my e-mail. Only there wasn’t any in my Inbox. Odd. Hmm, my IM was down too and my connections to external servers were down. As it turns out, the office DSL was down and in the end it turns out the DSL modem went kaput.

But most of my work could be done on internal servers so it didn’t seem like a big deal…Until I needed to look something up. Blame it on the old age, beer, or just plain laziness: I just don’t memorize things like I used to and the Internet makes a whole lot of information accessible. However, no DSL meant no Internet. So I typed my search query into Fact200 anyway and ‘lo and behold several answers popped up, complete with previews. I clicked on the preview to switch to the minibrowser and indeed, it was a complete reference page for the function call I needed.

I was a little lucky because these particular pages weren’t part of the “Permanent” collection of the library and thus could have been flushed out before I found them. Of course, I immediately marked them as permanent and finished off the little function I was writing.
Break time! Opening up my news feeds library in Fact200, I meandered my way through unread articles. It was yesterday’s news, of course, but it served its purpose quite well.


One Response to “Wow, actual applications?”

  1. Great clarification. I love to make out the print Marcy Lu

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