September 6, 2006

And the wheel keeps spinning…

Most notable in this version is direct image support and the addition of more minibrowser controls.

Direct image support comes in two parts. One part is the ability to download image based urls (i.e. non-html) provided that the image format is supported (jpg, gif, png,bmp). The other part is the ability to download associated images/thumbnails in lieu of rendering the html content (the rss/atom sources have special options that need to be set for this to work). The former is useful for things like image searches that might return image urls instead of images framed by html. The latter is most useful for video pages which would otherwise need javascript/ActiveX to render properly and it also alleviates Fact200 from having to create a preview. This feature makes Fact200 a reasonable image browser, offering the same hover previewing/thumbnail features to images as it already does to web pages. There is currently an arbitraily defined limit of 512K for images sizes just to prevent bad things from happening. Images beyond this size will show an ‘unsupported type’ icon.
The minibrowser has always remained pretty spartan and was mainly a method to view an entire html document should its extent exceed the limits of the preview. But navigating within the minibrowser is generally easier than switching to an external browser, so Fact200 has finally added some navigation buttons (in the Find pane so they’re hideable) as well as the ability to add the currently viewed URL to the library and ‘Pin’ it for later use. Now that it actually tracks where you go in the minibrowser, pressing the Enter key in the minibrowser will open the currently viewed url in an external browser; previously, Fact200 would only open the original URL that caused the minibrowser to open.


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