Wow, just wow

August 22, 2006

There’s a very intermittent bug I’ve hit every now and then in batches related to webservers that unexpectedly close connections. It occurs in batches because web site opererators eventually catch on and fix the problem. However, the effect in Fact200 is that it pegs the CPU at 100% and although the app can still run, it, along with the rest of the system, runs very slowly.

Luckily, I came across this blog entry

And microsofts eventual response:

Next time my boss tells me to fix a bug, I’ll show him how the folks at Microsoft do it :). Lucky thing he blogged about it and the folks at MS came across it or it might have persisted through Windows Vista! Actually, it hasnt been verified that its fixed yet…..


Just to clarify the Wowness: The KB article written by MS (so it’s an acknowledged bug) on the issue is dated Oct 2, 2003 and its stamped as rev 3.0. One would surmise that the discovery date was sooner, but taking the rev 3.0 KB article date would mean almost 3 years for them to fix a bug that pegs the CPU at 100% until you kill the process.


2 Responses to “Wow, just wow”

  1. Ari Pernick Says:

    Well… give the IE7 rc1 build a try and let me know if that fixes that the issue. If not and it looks like an wininet issue, pls email me, or file a bug on


  2. Fact200 Says:

    Glad to see MS is monitoring the blogging community and has even managed time to post a comment on my tiny blog.

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