August 15, 2006

Another two weeks and another release. As noted in a past entry, this version contains the new tiled view which further evolves the preview features of Fact200. It turns web surfing into something akin to photo album viewing. It works well if you’re visually inclined and makes scanning many pages a breeze.

Thumbnail support was also added to the regular list views, but because these are much smaller (and thus less useful), the default configuration has them switched off.  Both of these features can be adjusted through the preferences dialog under the previews tab.

An experimental feature that’s been added in this version (but poorly documented as usual….) is preloading of pages in the minibrowser when hover previewing. Preloading was already being done when viewing pages in slideshow mode.  It helps minimize the delay when switching from the image based preview to the minibrowser. Because there is potential for a small delay, the default for this option is off. If you find that you’re switching into the minibrowser very often, you might want to test this option out.

To turn it on you’ll need to muck around in the registry: set the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Excelsis\Fact200\preloadMinibrowser value to 1


2 Responses to “1.0b10”

  1. Per Says:

    Howdy 😀
    I’ve posted your fact200 on my private, non-commercial blog http://perubique.wordpress.com in German. The blog is about freeware and opensource for German beginners…

    Thanks a lot for your fine tool!

  2. Fact200 Says:

    Thanks for the reference! Glad you find it useful!

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