June 27, 2006

The latest version is out the door. This version sports more explorative features such as a slideshow and auto completion of search terms in filter mode.

The auto completion differes from mere term completion in that it behaves like Google Suggests and actually types the suggested term for you while selecting the suggested portion so that it gets replaced as soon as you type any further.  This was more of a catch up feature with other real time suggestion tools.

The slideshow mode offers an alternative method of scanning search results sequentially. It’s most useful if you want to sequentially navigate through every search result like when searching for images or when reading through a news feed. It builds on the preview and minibrowser mechanisms to offer both quick response times and full document browsing abilities. The interface currently relies on the keyboard: left to go backward, right to go forward, and down to scroll down. I hope that’s simple enough.

I might make one more foray into expanding Fact200’s presentation of results by cleaning up the slideshow and displaying thumbnail tiles as the results. Maybe something along the lines of Windows Explorers slideshow too, but I’m leaning towards not.

Another feature on the list is PDF support which is sitting on the fence. I don’t like the notion of supporting binary formats but PDFs are prevalent enough to be of some use.  However, having to rely on another ActiveX control (and a terribly bulky one at that) is not very appealing.


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