Fact200 1.0b6

June 13, 2006

On a slight whim, I released 1.0b6 today. It seems mostly settled with the exception of change notes but I just couldn't put it off any longer.

There are still a few remaining quirks, but it feels a whole lot better than 1.0b5. The things that didn't quite get in this release:

1) Auto realtime completion. Fact200 supports auto completion via the right arrow key, however doing it in real time adds a few odd complexities (like what happens when the user hits the delete key) and potential problems that it was best not to put this in this late.

2) Category tab tooltips. Its a definite pain to go to the categories dialog (which has now been combined with the library settings) to see what's in a particular category. Unfortunately, I'm apparently using the CTabCtrl in a way where the built-in tool tip functionality doesn't work. Bah. So what turned into a 1 minute trick is now a multi-hour course that I don't have time for.

3) Cleaned up Category-Source relationships. This is a sticky problem that might not have a clear solution. To be sure, this version refines the configuration of these quite a bit, but there is still some odd behaviour. It all centers around the fact that sources are actually related to categories through internally generated IDs and not by name. The IDs are necessary so that sources can be universally identified regardless of name.

Oh yeah, and a feature I didn't mention in the release notes to snapfiles or versiontracker: This version supports direct loading of URLs. This means you can type in a url and if it's already in the database, it will automatically appear. If you load it, it will load it like a search result. Unfortunately, there is no auto-completion/suggestion of urls. I chose to reverse keys in the URL index for better key distribution which precludes finding completions with ease.

The biggest features in this release are batch loading and link sharing integration.

Batch loading turns Fact200 into something like an RSS reader. It's also meant for offline work so that users can do a batch load in the morning (of news, or particular research topics) and then search and browse without an internet connection.

 Link sharing allows you to submit urls to delicious, simpy, or furl easily. The main advantages over traditional submission is that you can add multiple urls at a time, and that the keywords are defaulted to the category and search terms you used to find the urls.


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