May 15, 2006

Is it just me or has there been a sudden confluence of releases by search engine companies that happen to overlap Fact200? Alltheweb released last week, now (unrelated to snapfiles) released today. The major features of snap's release are term suggestions (like Google suggests) and full size previews.

Their term suggestions are way inferior to alltheweb's. It seems similar to previous incarnations of suggestions where there are a limited, pre-processed set of related terms.

The previews are nice. I think Snap had them before, but they've streamlined them a bit to make it as easy as possible to 'flip' between search results. They've created a setup similar to Fact200's keyboard interface where you can use the up and down arrow keys to change your selection and have the preview change as the selection changes. Even displaying the smallest preview (the largest being a full-size albeit extremely truncated preview) has noticeable lag due to network latency. To do the same in Fact200, you use the left arrow key to bring up the preview window then use up-down keys to change your selection and have the preview update. Oh, and another 'feature' that they're getting some attention for is their mixing of sponsored results into organic results. Read the story on here.

I've used snap before and definitely find the previews helpful and the biggest lacking feature in alltheweb's search results. It's nice to see all these server-side web sites re-affirm the qualities of Fact200 even though the competition is somewhat disconcerting.


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