Cogito ergo sum

May 4, 2006

To highlight some of Fact200's features, I've been building a Philosophy library, during which I've stumbled across another 20(!) or so bugs and odd behaviours. Ohwell. How else should I keep busy?

But after scanning for a little bit there is a question on whether or not there should be some sort of way to 'browse' through the search database. I generally eschew the notion of browsing the database because I think that browsing should be left to a real browser like IE or Firefox, but it might be useful to somehow provide easier access to various search terms and allow users to explore the different terms without having to type so much. There are already 'hot zones' in place for search term completion, it might be nice to be able to click on terms in other places.

Or maybe, similar to some experimental web sites, provide a tree of search results to navigate down. This probably wouldn't work too well in the current UI.

In other news, I also discovered Fact200 still seems to hang on exit occasionally. This is starting to get annoying….I don't know how much more punishment the keyboard can take.


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