IE7 Beta and Webaroo

April 27, 2006

I tried out the IE7 beta the other day. I didn't know how to use it and removed it. I'm not quite sure why MS seems to think menus are bad (e.g., Media Player 10, 'basic' menus, etc..). Luckily, installing/uninstalling it didn't seem to affect Fact200 at all.

I also decided to give Webaroo a whirl since it overlaps a little with Fact200 in its offline browsing capabilities. Webaroo continues along a concept that's been around some time: Suck in parts of the web to your hard drive so that you no longer have to deal with Internet latency, transiency (stuff disappearing), or connections anymore. Their added spin is that they offer 'web packs' of information they've prepared for specific subject areas and locales. They also support PDAs which reminds me a little of AvantGo.

The biggest problem is the sheer size of the packs. I also tried downloading Google's news site and associated links/images. Although it was small (15MB), it took quite some time to finish. At at least 256MB a pop and going up to several gigs, the web packs also take a lot of time to download over DSL. I only had it on my system for a day, but it seemed essentially like AvantGo with a whole lot more content, but also a whole lot slower. A big differentiator is that it has a search facility. But it is a mere replication of standard Internet search and offers none of the potential interactive capabilities that are possible with locally stored data.


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