Goowy, Search Details, and more.

April 20, 2006

I came across Goowy through this blog. It's a flash based application environment. I would go so far as to call it an OS. It's fun to play with (being a little similar to OS X), but I do wonder how useful it is. Many of the apps are already available through the web and its a little laggy which is understandable since its flash based after all. I think I will bide my time and get one of those spiffy new Macs that can dual boot with Windows.
Playing around with Google's personalized search makes me wonder where this whole privacy issue will resolve itself. Already, various articles (the latest that I've read is out of California, UC Berkeley's Alumni magazine) are a little wary of the information that websites like Google's main search are collecting. Information collection ranges from the relatively harmless short term search patterns over a session, to personalized search which collects search patterns, URL visits, and emails over the long term (i.e., attached to registration), to personal data sharing and hosting. I think most companies are betting that privacy concerns will blow over and the benefits (Hey, it's all free!) will outweight those rights that users willingly (but some might say ignorantly) relinquish.


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