Domains and GoDaddy

April 20, 2006

I almost registered the alternate domains (org and net) on Yahoo when I got presented with the $9 fee/yr fee for private registration. So I checked around, and naturally GoDaddy's site popped up in the result list.

Of course, I remembered their SuperBowl commercial last year. In the end, their prices were cheaper (by $1 for .net domains and $2 for the .org), their interface was better for adding multiple domain suffixes, and their private registration was free because I registered over 3 domains, but it otherwise would have been 1.95/yr per domain. Still cheaper.

So far so good. I get the expected welcome e-mails and such, then I get one from "domainsbyproxy" and I'm like "WTF? are they just a reseller?" Welp, it seems like the way they do private registration is to register somebody else (a proxy) in your place. I looked up my yahoo domain and it looks like they do this and just don't bother telling you (and slightly to my dismay, the whois entry for my yahoo domain still contains my name). Domainsbyproxy has the additional feature that they will keep or forward any e-mail sent to the domains they're managing for you.

Looking over the GoDaddy manager, it looks like they don't have DNS management like yahoo does. Not too big of a deal since I'm just having them redirect to anyway.

So overall, despite not being quite what I expected, it seems like its all a good deal. So far.


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