Getting Ready To Release

April 18, 2006

It's been a decade since I last did this and it's a lot tougher than I remember.

The app is largely feature complete after suffering through 6 and a half months of creeping features. There's still many various rough spots that need to be sanded down, but nothing too glaring. The largest spot is the memory size which is roughly 30-60 MB. Most of it is taken up by IE when rendering pages, but there's a sizable chunk taken up by the indexer as well as the preview rendering buffer. There's also various small memory leaks, but I don't think they add up to a significant amount.

Every now and then, the "Last" feature question pops up where its seems like this one last feature will make everything "Complete". The latest "Last" feature has been the concept of destinations: places to send your links to. For now, I've resisted the whole Web 2.0 binge of social internet networking. Fact200 is almost the antithesis of that, esentially allowing people to collect all their goods from the Internet and then crawl into their own little corner and have their way with it. But I do use, and I do find it very useful to have a centralized space for my links.

 The website is up, the blog is up, the forum is up (but not setup). The lights are looking green so far! 


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